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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Elwood N. Chapman, 24 books
Robert B. Maddux, 10 books
Marion E. Haynes, 8 books
Kurt Hanks, 8 books
Richard F. Gerson, 7 books
Frederic H. Jones, 6 books
Cynthia D. Scott, 6 books
Diana Bonet, 6 books
Lynn Tylczak, 6 books
Dru Scott, 6 books
Herbert S. Kindler, 5 books
Sandy Pokras, 5 books
Susan L. Brock, 5 books
William Kirby Lockard, 5 books
Carol Kinsey Goman, 4 books
Claire Raines, 4 books
Rebecca Luhn Wolfe, 4 books
Odette Pollar, 3 books
James O. Gill, 3 books
Donald Shandler, 3 books
L. Louise Van Osdol, 3 books
Patti Hathaway, 3 books
James G. Patterson, 3 books
Marianne Minor, 3 books
Elwood N Chapman, 3 books


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