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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Dennis B. Fradin, 166 books
Allan Carpenter, 144 books
R. Conrad Stein, 107 books
Carol Greene, 91 books
Ed Radlauer, 77 books
Illa Podendorf, 72 books
Allan Fowler, 66 books
June Behrens, 51 books
Zachary Kent, 50 books
Margaret Friskey, 40 books
Allan Carpenter, 37 books
Carla Greene, 36 books
Emilie U. Lepthien, 36 books
Ruth Radlauer, 35 books
Patricia McKissack, 34 books
Joy Berry, 31 books
Cameron Yerian, 30 books
Ray Broekel, 30 books
Karen Jacobsen, 30 books
Eugene H. Baker, 28 books
Jim Hargrove, 28 books
Darlene Geis, 27 books
David Petersen, 25 books
Mike Venezia, 24 books
Dee Lillegard, 21 books

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