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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Eric Schiller, 46 books
Bill Wall, 25 books
Edmar Mednis, 10 books
Jim Marfia, 8 books
Jerzy Konikowski, 6 books
Jeremy Silman, 5 books
A. J. Gillam, 5 books
W. John Lutes, 4 books
George Koltanowski, 3 books
John Donaldson, 3 books
John Grefe, 3 books
Lutes, 3 books
Whitney Smith, 2 books
John Watson, 2 books
Wall, 2 books
Yakov Estrin, 2 books
Tim Taylor, 2 books
Mikhail Botvinnik, 2 books
Larry Christiansen, 2 books
Aron Nimzowitsch, 2 books
Doug Eckert, 2 books
Dan Heisman, 2 books
John L. Watson, 2 books
Thomas Kapitaniak, 2 books
Janicki, 2 books

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