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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Nancy L. Carlson, 48 books
Michael Elsohn Ross, 32 books
Laurie B. Friedman, 28 books
Ali Mitgutsch, 26 books
Sally M. Walker, 22 books
Caroline Arnold, 21 books
D. M. Souza, 20 books
Thomas Streissguth, 19 books
Rebecca L. Johnson, 18 books
James Haskins, 18 books
Nikki Bundey, 18 books
Gwenyth Swain, 15 books
Linda Lowery, 15 books
Mitchell, Barbara, 15 books
Candice F. Ransom, 14 books
Lee Sullivan Hill, 14 books
Jeri Ferris, 12 books
Linda Lowery Keep, 12 books
Dan Cohen, 11 books
Nancy Carlson, 11 books
Frank J. Staub, 11 books
Judy Wolfman, 11 books
Gail Radley, 11 books
Joan Hewett, 11 books
Heiderose Fischer-Nagel, 11 books

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