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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Aileen Patterson, 18 books
Pam Wardell, 18 books
Lewis Grassic Gibbon, 7 books
Matt Haig, 5 books
Richard Holloway, 5 books
Michel Faber, 5 books
Alasdair Gray, 5 books
John Fante, 5 books
Charles M. Schulz, 5 books
Norah Montgomerie, 4 books
Eileen McCallum, 4 books
Karin Alvtegen, 4 books
Alexander McCall Smith, 4 books
Margaret Elphinstone, 4 books
Jim Dodge, 4 books
Moira Miller, 3 books
Dan Rhodes, 3 books
Daniel H. Pink, 3 books
Neil Munro, 3 books
Robert Sabbag, 3 books
Will Ferguson, 3 books
Andrew Greig, 3 books
John Ramage, 3 books
John D. Lamond, 3 books
Robin Tucek, 3 books

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