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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Inc. Highlights for Children, 27 books
Peter Lourie, 19 books
Laurence P. Pringle, 18 books
Stephen R. Swinburne, 17 books
Jody Taylor, 15 books
David L. Harrison, 13 books
Cris Peterson, 12 books
Jane Yolen, 11 books
Eve Bunting, 11 books
Pat Brisson, 11 books
Highlights for Children, 11 books
Dougal Dixon, 11 books
Jack Myers, 11 books
Neil Waldman, 10 books
Larry Dane Brimner, 9 books
Cat Urbigkit, 8 books
Jan Cheripko, 8 books
Jeffrey A. O'Hare, 8 books
Sharon Dunn Umnik, 8 books
Ann Tompert, 7 books
Sandra Markle, 7 books
Suzanne Bloom, 7 books
Karen B. Winnick, 7 books
Harrison, David L., 7 books
Sara Holbrook, 7 books


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