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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anthony Bourdain, 8 books
Sarah J. Maas, 8 books
Ruth Downie, 7 books
Ben Schott, 5 books
Douglas Coupland, 5 books
Steven Appleby, 5 books
Samantha Shannon, 5 books
Karen Novak, 4 books
Shannon Hale, 4 books
Jon McGregor, 4 books
Clarke, Stephen, 4 books
Rowan Jacobsen, 4 books
Justin Racz, 4 books
Daniel Hecht, 4 books
Will Self, 4 books
John Bemelmans Marciano, 4 books
Heston Blumenthal, 4 books
Joanna Trollope, 4 books
A&C Black, 4 books
Roz Chast, 4 books
Nigel Andrews, 4 books
Conor Fitzgerald, 4 books
Karen Karbo, 4 books
Paul Slansky, 3 books
Dylan Schaffer, 3 books

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