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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Francine Pascal, 12 books
M. E. Cooper, 7 books
Jill Mansell, 6 books
Janet Quin-Harkin, 6 books
Margaret Weis, 5 books
Kate Thompson, 5 books
June Francis, 5 books
Georgina Lloyd, 5 books
Lee Child, 5 books
Doreen Tovey, 5 books
Janet Gleeson, 4 books
Jean P. Sasson, 4 books
Marian Woodruff, 4 books
John O'Donohue, 4 books
Audrey Slaughter, 3 books
Cheryl Richardson, 3 books
Martin Edwards, 3 books
Dennis Lehane, 3 books
Eileen Goudge, 3 books
Susan Blake, 3 books
Caroline Myss, 3 books
Suzanne Rand, 3 books
Lis Leigh, 3 books
Stephen O'Brien, 3 books
Steven Pressfield, 3 books

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