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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David Knox Barton, 9 books
Ramjee Prasad, 8 books
Daniel Minoli, 8 books
Richard Poisel, 7 books
Nathan J. Muller, 7 books
Rolf Oppliger, 7 books
Stephen A. Maas, 6 books
Bruce R. Elbert, 6 books
Leo A. Wrobel, 6 books
Cipher A. Deavours, 5 books
Mark Norris, 5 books
Joseph Mancuso, 5 books
D. Curtis Schleher, 5 books
Norman E. Sondak, 4 books
Pieter L. D. Abrie, 4 books
Leo Young, 4 books
David K. Barton, 4 books
Rudolf L. Van Renesse, 4 books
Mike Hendry, 4 books
Thomas S. Laverghetta, 4 books
A. S. Gilmour, 4 books
Webb, William, 4 books
Fred E. Gardiol, 4 books
Adrian K. Fung, 4 books
Nicholas C. Currie, 4 books

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