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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Nicci French, 9 books
Michel van der Plas, 5 books
Camilla Gibb, 3 books
Saskia Noort, 3 books
Herman Koch, 3 books
Paul Korenhof, 2 books
Denise Mina, 2 books
Schaik, A. H. M. van, 2 books
Simone van der Vlugt, 2 books
Bart Plouvier, 2 books
S. J. Watson, 2 books
Simone van der Vlugt, 2 books
Donna Tartt, 2 books
John Huige, 1 book
Cees Commandeur, 1 book
Ronald Gase, 1 book
Frans Meijers, 1 book
Jan de Roder, 1 book
Martin P. van den Heuvel, 1 book
Willem Bijsterbosch, 1 book
René Appel, 1 book
Dick Pels, 1 book
Kerri Sakamoto, 1 book
Judith Viorst, 1 book
Gerard Dekker, 1 book

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