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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Emily C. Dawson, 15 books
Sally Hewitt, 10 books
Wendy Perkins, 9 books
Heather Adamson, 8 books
Jinny Johnson, 8 books
Clive Gifford, 7 books
Karen Latchana Kenney, 6 books
Ann de Bode, 6 books
James Nixon, 6 books
Townsend, John, 5 books
Anita Ganeri, 5 books
Allison Lassieur, 5 books
Mason, Paul, 4 books
Graham, Ian, 4 books
Joseph Staunton, 4 books
Annabel Savery, 4 books
Clare Hibbert, 3 books
Andrew Langley, 3 books
Bridget Heos, 3 books
Kálmán Kovács, 3 books
Geoff Barker, 3 books
Cath Senker, 2 books
Sándor Lestyán, 2 books
Paul Mason, 2 books
Sonya Newland, 2 books


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