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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stan Tekiela, 168 books
Duane R. Lund, 18 books
Jonathan Poppele, 14 books
Jaret C. Daniels, 12 books
Theresa Millang, 12 books
Teresa Marrone, 11 books
Wildlife Forever, 9 books
Julie Martinez, 9 books
Dave Bosanko, 9 books
Dan R. Lynch, 9 books
Ryan Jacobson, 8 books
Sharon Stiteler, 8 books
Duane Lund, 8 books
Brett Ortler, 8 books
Paula Ellis, 7 books
Art Lee, 6 books
George Miller, 6 books
Emily Williams-Wheeler, 6 books
Beatrice A. Ojakangas, 5 books
Ann E. McCarthy, 5 books
Jon Kramer, 5 books
Ed Fischer, 5 books
Shane Nitzsche, 5 books
Julia Rutland, 5 books
Douglas Wood, 5 books

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