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How to Choose the Best Full Size Platform Bed Frame

Usually the bed frame comes with the bed, especially the full size bed frame. When you go to purchase a bed, the seller usually will add the bed frame in for free. Other times the bed frame comes with the mattress. However, there will be times you will have to purchase a bed frame separate from the bed. Your old bed frame may be broken or the seller may have not included your full size bed frame with your full size platform bed.

The two most common bed frames are the wooden frame and the metal frame. Metal frames usually are for metal beds, yet these frames can also be for other types. These metal frames are cheaper than wooden ones, while at the same time made to last. Another kind of bed frame is the pure iron bed frame. It’s sturdy and elegant, but it’s not available anymore. Almost all metal frames of today are created from mass-produced iron. The frames come with anti-corrosive coating, but after some time, this coating wears off and the frame could rust.

Wooden frames cost more than metal ones because they add a touch of style and class. If you take good care of your frames, they can last a long time in good shape. The wood used for your full size bed frame is hopefully not ply or particleboard because this kind of wood doesn’t last. Oak wood works well for your full size bed frame, but the downside is it can be quite heavy. A lighter kind of wood that also looks better would be cedar or even pinewood. The material for your wood platform bed full frame should please you with not only price, but looks and weight as well.

While it may be true that manually made frames can be costly, they can also have great artistic looking patterns along with a customized design.

There’s no need for fixed sizes.

Adjustable frames are another kind that can be used for additional comfort. Some can be operated with a remote. The adjustable full size bed frame allows you to elevate certain parts of the bed so that your head and feet are comfortable.

When considering a bed frame, mattress size is important. Adjustable bed frames work well in this case because mattress sizes are variable. The widths can be changed according to your size needs, especially for the needs of your children.

Another aspect to think about is if you want to use space underneath your bed for storage. In this case, you will need a bed frame high enough to allow for such storage. Or a full platform bed with drawers might work better. The storage bed is basically a box bed framed bed with drawers.

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