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September 29, 2011 | History

John Carter Brown Library

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THE JOHN CARTER BROWN LIBRARY is an independently administered and funded center for advanced research in history and the humanities, founded in 1846 and located at Brown University since 1901. Housed within the library's walls is an internationally renowned collection of primary historical sources pertaining to North and South America from the time of its discovery by Europeans (ca. 1492) until the end of the colonial period (ca. 1825).

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  • Cover of: JCB Portugal & Brazil

    JCB Portugal & Brazil

    7 items | Last modified September 29, 2011

    The Portuguese and Brazilian books held at the John Carter Brown Library comprise one of the finest North American collections relating to Brazil before the country declared its independence from Portugal in 1822. The collection includes 650 titles before 1800 and another 500 titles from 1800 to 1822—including 165 books printed in Brazil itself after the Impressão Regia opened a branch in Rio de Janeiro in 1808 and presses began operating in Bahia.

    This collection has been compiled from a bibliography the library published in 2009—Portuguese and Brazilian Books in the John Carter Brown Library, 1537-1839, with a Selection of Braziliana Printed in Countries Other Than Portugal and Brazil. By Valeria Gauz. The bibliography is an important tool to navigating the books of this collection. It features more historical & catalogued information on each title.

    Click here to access the JCB Publications Page:

  • Cover of: JCB Peru

    JCB Peru

    7 items | Last modified September 29, 2011

    The John Carter Brown Library has one of the five largest collections of early Peruviana in the world. It is not just the number of Peruvian imprints of the colonial, independence, and early national periods held by the John Carter Brown Library that is important, however, but the diversity of those materials and in a great many instances, their singularity - being only known copies. The subjects range from ecclesiastical matters, to government papers, to indigenous language studies, and important literary works.

  • Cover of: JCB Haiti

    JCB Haiti

    11 items | Last modified September 29, 2011

    The John Carter Brown Library holds one of the world's great collections relating to Haiti. Our rare books, maps and newspapers tell the story of the founding of the French colony of Saint Domingue (once the most lucrative colony in the Americas), its demise through the Haitian Revolution (the world's only successful slave revolution) and the founding of Haiti in its place. By providing access to this collection, the JCB hopes to stimulate interest in Haiti's remarkable history.

    Visit the Remember Haiti website: