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Open Library Community Wiki

This community wiki is designed for collaboration and discussion among Open Library users.


On March 1, 2013 [[/people/kcoyle|Karen]] wrote in an email:

[[/people/brewster|Brewster]] has encouraged me to encourage the idea of creating a working community around OL -- folks who can participate in making changes and fostering sharing. That's all the guidance I have, so I'm assuming that we have to do the heavy lifting to make it happen. Can we work together on a proposal?


It was suggested that ideas be constructed and collected on this wiki, but that discussion is easier on the mailing lists.

Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists:

This wiki

List of current pages:

To create a new page:
1. type the address (e.g. in your browser's address bar
2. see if the page exists (if it is not in the above list, it doesn't exist yet, but do so just to see what happens)
3. if it doesn't exist yet, append ?m=edit to the address (so that it becomes and go.

The new page will automatically appear in the above list when you save it.


Some people sometimes or regularly [[/community/irc|log in to the #openlibrary channel]] on Freenode to quickly discuss problems or ideas that are more or less related to Open Library.


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