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October 10, 2023 | History

Star Wars Collection

Collage of Star Wars book covers

In 1977, the world changed forever with the release of Star Wars, a space opera pitting good versus evil written and directed by George Lucas. This marked the beginning of a multi-billion dollar franchise that would continue to entertain fans for decades to come. Outside the films, the story continued to develop within a rich “expanded universe” with novels, comics, role-playing games and more. The first novel in this series was released 6 months prior to the debut of the first film, making the novel universe older than the films themselves.

In 2014, Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars intellectual property and declared that everything released prior to that point (excluding the films) would carry the “Legends” banner, and everything thereafter would be classified as “Canon”. This collection has listed Legends and Canon entries separately, organized by the in-universe timeline.

Both timelines use the “Battle of Yavin” from A New Hope as its epoch to distinguish events.

BBY = Before Battle of Yavin
ABY = After Battle of Yavin

curator's note
You can read or borrow a book if the bar underneath the cover says "Borrow" or "Read." If a book says it is "not in library" or "checked out," another copy might still be available! Click on the book's cover to see if you can borrow one of the other editions.

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  1. Movie Novelizations
  2. Time Periods - Canon
          High Republic (382 - 230 BBY)
          Prequel Era (90 - 19 BBY)
          Original Trilogy Era (18 BBY - 7 ABY)
          Sequel Era (18 - 35 ABY)
  3. Time Periods - Legends
          Old Republic (25,053 - 1,000 BBY)
          Rise of the Empire (1,000 - 22 BBY)
          Clone Wars (22 - 19 BBY)
          Imperial Reign (19 - 0 BBY)
          Rebellion Era (0 - 4 ABY)
          New Republic Era (5 - 25 ABY)
          New Jedi Order Era (25 – 37 ABY)
          Legacy Era (37 - 140 ABY)
  4. Reference Books
  5. Miscellaneous

Movie Novelizations

Disney Canon (2014 - present)

Expanded Universe - Legends (pre-2014)

Reference Books


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