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November 3, 2016 | History

Sergey Fedosin

13 August 1956 -

Sergey Fedosin
Sviazeva Str. 22-79, Perm 614088, Russia,
Telephone: +7 8 912 987 04 08, EMAIL: ,
Date 15 August 2014

Specialist degree, Radiophysics, Perm State University, 1978.
Perm State National Research University ( ) is a main University in the middle of Russia, which is known by its fundamental educations.

September 1978 – June 1986 Scientific Researcher of Natural Science Institute (ENI)
at Perm State University Natural Science Institute (ENI) is a multifunctional center of science and research at Perm State University; it has more then 10 laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology, physical chemistry, radiobiology and so on). At ENI, I worked in the laboratory of organic semiconductors. The chemists of the laboratory synthesized some new semiconductors and physicists found their properties. My first task was constructing of special techniques for measurement of Hall effects in organic semiconducting crystals. The accuracy of the equipment after many improvements was about 10 nV, so I used it for my research of Hall effects and conductivity of crystals and powder of the new materials.

May 2000 – September 2003 Scientific Researcher (Laboratory of Radiospectroscopy
at Perm State University) During my work in the Laboratory I was a team member in two projects: «Technology for generation of diamonds in graphite by electromagnetic forces», and «Apparatus for demonstration of ball lightning». Both projects were on the base of research grants of Department of science Administration of Perm Region.

Student research work at Physical Technical Institute by A.F. Ioffe (USSR Academy of Sciences, Sankt-Peterburg), 1977 – 1978.
Award of Perm State University competition, 1987 (Powerful source of controlling electric current).
Honorary Citizen of Louisville, USA (since 1995).

Philosophical analysis.
Study of physical phenomena and then using the results of operations should include the philosophical component. This ensures maximum return on applied research methods and provides an additional synergistic effect. Development of new ideas is impossible without a deeper philosophy.

Relativity theory.
The primary goal of any physical theory is the description of phenomena in the framework of a system based on the knowledge of these phenomena in other similar systems. In common relativity describes the transformation of relations of physical quantities from one system to another. This is the basis for modeling of phenomena, the application of similarity theory, networking and laws. Analysis of the relativity of the device work provides important directions of research in technology.

Fundamental forces.
It is well known that on a macro scale is the main force of gravitation, the transition to the atoms and molecules is dominated by electromagnetic forces, and at the level of elementary particles are nuclear forces. Description of this forces is based on mathematical formulas derived from the symmetry of interactions. But it is equally important to build physical models of the substantial interactions, which allows to understand the true causes of forces. This may be of significant assistance in applied research, from the ordering of electrons in superconductivity, and ending with the ordering of molecules in liquid crystals.

Infinite hierarchical nesting of matter.
In this theory, matter is divided into different levels so that between them it is possible find the relation of similarity. This allows assessment of the values of physical quantities in various systems, using only a few basic characteristics of these systems. This approach complements the method of describing systems based on the use of natural physical units.


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