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June 3, 2021 | History

Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung im Zweiten Weltkrieg

Deutsche und alliierte Agentenfunkdienste in Europa 1939-1945

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This edition was published in by Ares-Verlag in Graz,Austria.

511 pages

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Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung im Zweiten Weltkrieg

First published in 2010

Work Description

By a lucky chance, G.Weisse, a former member of the Bundesluftwaffe-SIGINT-Organization, gained access to long forgotten reports from a group of experts of the Ninth US Army Air Force, who have had the opportunity shortly after the end of hostilities in Germany in the summer of 1945, to interrogate a group of German Prisoners of War. The prisoners, members of the former German Air Force Signals Intelligence Service had unique experiences in the craft of Signals Intelligence against allied air forces during the war. Under the orders of the late Colonel Seabourne, Intelligence Officer Ninth US Army Air Force, the prisoners where staged in a POW-Camp near Munich and interrogated by members of the Intelligence Staff of the Ninth US-Air Force. Unfortunately, most of the basic War-Time Reports of the GAF Sigint-Organisation had been destroyed on orders by higher GAF-Authorities shortly before the war has ended. Colonel Seabourne therefore decided to perform oral interrogations in order to gain information on the procedures and outcome of the GAF Sigint Service activities during wartime. A group of prisoners, mostly members of GAF-Signals Intelligence Units from the Western and Italian Front, ranging from Colonel to Sergeant and Privates, voluntarily took part in the interrogations. Later they were augmented by a group of former members of the GAF-Sigint Service on the Eastern Front, which luckily had been escaped Soviet captivity. They brought with them their vast experiences on Soviet cyphers and other procedures, concerning the use of wireless Means by the Soviets during the War on the eastern front. Especially the parts of the report concerning Soviet cyphers and their use are still classified.
Soon Colonel Seabourne realized the intense quality of their statements concerning the experiences and procedures of Signals Intelligence of the German side during the hostilities. In order to conserve the vast amount of information, especially in the light of possible future hostilities with the former Soviet ally, a qualified group of members of the former GAF-Signals Intelligence Service where requested to put their experiences on paper for possible future use by the USAAF and other organizations. In the summer of 1945, the group where transferred to Bad Kissingen in Northern Bavaria, billeted in a Villa in the outskirts of the town. Formally still POW under American custody, they paroled their Word of Honour not to escape and had the opportunity, to leave the compound non-escorted after cease of business or see their relatives nearby. None of the former soldiers broke their word. At the very beginning of this operation, relations between the German POW´ s and their captors had been in accordance with the rules, originated by General Dwight D. Eisenhower concerning the treatment of German POW.
Later on, the relations eased, once the US-members of the Interrogation Team realised soon
the voluntary co-operation of their counterparts. This on the other hand it seems understandable, taking in account the circumstances and times for their part.
Finally, by the end of summer 1945, more than 16 binders, full of information concerning the conduct of Sigint-Operations of the GAF where handed over to Colonel Seabourne and his team. In his final statement, Colonel Seabourne mentioned the outstanding quality and results of the GAF-Sigint-Activities, which where “an uncomfortable surprise” to him and his staff. He gave his written respect to the professional organization and fulfilment of their task during the war. After conclusion of the interrogations and final proof of their work, all POW´S where released and left for their home.
The “Seabourne Report” and additional attachments have been declassified in the late seventies. Additionally in 2010, a “TICOM-Report” also describing the activities of the “GAF-Sigint-Service” has been released to the public.
For the author of the book, the exploration of the contents of the “Seabourne-Report“ has been a time –journey back to forgotten times.
However, it shows the importance of Signals Intelligence, even nowadays in the digital age.
The contents of the 16 Binders have formed the basis of the narrative part of the work,which desribes not only the activities of the GAF-SIGINT , also the activities of the Secret Intelligence Services in Europe and other clandestines Services (OSS,SOE,Amt Ausland Abwehr,Sicherheitsdienst der SS (SD),and other Organizations are mentioned in the context of Signals Intelligence during the war. One of the primary surviving source ,as far the Abwehr-Wireless-Organization is concerned is DiplIng.Rud.F.Staritz.He contributed most of the "first hand" information concerning the "Communication-System of the Abwehr-Agents" during wartime.I owe him thanks and respect.This is also valid for Louis Meulstee and his friends from Danmark,Poland,Canada,UK,France and elsewhere ,who supported me with photographs of wartime agent-wireless-sets,displayed in the work.

Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung im Zweiten Weltkrieg

Deutsche und alliierte Agentenfunkdienste in Europa 1939-1945

This edition was published in by Ares-Verlag in Graz,Austria.

Edition Description

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Table of Contents

Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung im Zweiten Weltkrieg –
Deutsche und alliierte Agentenfunkdienste in Europa 1939 –1945
(Secret Intelligence Services and Signals Intelligence in World War Two –
German and Allied Intelligence– Communication –Services in Europe 1939 –1945 ).
1. Introduction
German Intelligence Services until the outbreak of World War II.
2. Intelliegence Services and Communications Intelligence at the beginning of the War in Europe
3. Secret Intelligence Services and Communications Intelligence during the War in Europe and North Africa ands elsewehere
4. The Significance of Communications Intelligence in the War on Sea
5. The Final Struggle in Germany
6. The German Communications Intelligence after the End of War under US-auspices
7. Lead Out
8. Appendix


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