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Trusted Book Providers is an online catalog of every book published and, where possible, it links to trusted sources where patrons may access books to read or borrow.

Many of the books on may be borrowed or read from the Internet Archive's book lending library program. Additionally, Open Library may link to other vetted partner book sources like Project Gutenberg, LibriVox, Standard Ebooks, OpenStax, with more being added each month.

You may read more about the Trusted Book Provider's Program here.

How it works

  1. Publishers, platforms, or individuals may nominate a reputable source to be considered as a Trusted Book Provider.
  2. The Internet Archive evaluates the integrity of each submission and, as appropriate, contacts providers to discuss integration details.
  3. The trusted book provider's data is normalized and imported into Open Library with read and borrow links that refer back to the provider's books.

Propose a Trusted Book Provider

Web Books

As digital publishing becomes more ubiquitous and accessible, an increasing number of authors are choosing to publish their books directly online, under permissive licenses, as born-digital HTML web pages (Web Books). Because this format is often self-published, there aren't many comprehensive catalogs of Web Books. Open Library is attempting to increase the discovery of these titles, to better promote authors, and to improve the discovery of these titles to patrons on the web. Browse Web Books (beta)

Submit a Web Book URL for consideration

Help Wanted

Are you a software engineer who is interested in volunteering to help us improve the Trusted Book Provider program? Please look at this reference implementation for OpenStax and explore these opportunities for implementing new pending providers.


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