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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 5 books
Karen M. McManus, 5 books
Maureen Johnson, 3 books
James Patterson, 2 books
Lois Duncan, 2 books
Monica Hesse, 2 books
Amanda Foody, 2 books
Richie Narvaez, 2 books
Margot Harrison, 2 books
E. A. Diamond, 1 book
Maureen Johnson, 1 book
Micol Ostow, 1 book
Ally Carter, 1 book
Jean Mills, 1 book
April Henry, 1 book
Alex Barclay, 1 book
Sara Shepard, 1 book
Diana Peterfreund, 1 book
Norah McClintock, 1 book
Shelley Peterson, 1 book
Nancy Springer, 1 book
Garth Nix, 1 book
Emily Arsenault, 1 book
Dee Garretson, 1 book
Gretchen McNeil, 1 book