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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shana Muldoon Zappa, 11 books
Miranda Jones, 10 books
Edward Eager, 9 books
Barbel Mohr, 7 books
Jason Lethcoe, 6 books
Jeff Brown, 6 books
Cynthia Rylant, 5 books
Kim Ostrow, 5 books
Ragnhild Scamell, 5 books
Keli Tong, 5 books
Carol Barton, 5 books
Mindy L. Klasky, 4 books
Robert Heidbreder, 4 books
Johnny Gruelle, 4 books
Edith Nesbit, 4 books
Enid Blyton, 4 books
Vivian French, 4 books
Jennifer Castle, 4 books
Emily Rodda, 4 books
Mitsuhisa Tamura, 4 books
D. L. Garfinkle, 3 books
Sonia Sander, 3 books
Claire Freedman, 3 books
Lauren Myracle, 3 books
Marion Rose, 3 books


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