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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Buck Rainey, 9 books
Edward Buscombe, 6 books
Boyd Magers, 5 books
Phil Hardy, 5 books
Joe Hembus, 5 books
David Rothel, 4 books
Bobby J. Copeland, 4 books
Philip French, 4 books
Chuck Thornton, 4 books
Gian Lhassa, 4 books
John G. Nachbar, 3 books
Michael R. Pitts, 3 books
Demetrius John Kitses, 3 books
Christopher Frayling, 3 books
Jim Kitses, 3 books
Jean Louis Leutrat, 3 books
Paul Varner, 3 books
Georg Seesslen, 3 books
John E. O'Connor, 2 books
Bob Carman, 2 books
Peter C. Rollins, 2 books
Peter Stanfield, 2 books
Bob Herzberg, 2 books
Henryk Hoffmann, 2 books
Gene Blottner, 2 books


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