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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jenny Randles, 26 books
J. J. Benítez, 24 books
Jacques Vallee, 22 books
Maximillien De Lafayette, 22 books
Kevin D. Randle, 20 books
Jerome Clark, 15 books
Antonio Ribera, 13 books
Brad Steiger, 12 books
John Spencer, 12 books
Preston E. Dennett, 10 books
Stanton T. Friedman, 10 books
Timothy Good, 10 books
Hilary Evans, 9 books
Raymond E. Fowler, 9 books
Nicholas Redfern, 9 books
William J. Birnes, 8 books
John A. Keel, 8 books
Coral E. Lorenzen, 7 books
J. Allen Hynek, 7 books
Terry Deary, 7 books
Daniel Cohen, 7 books
Lucky Fortune, 6 books
Ronald Story, 6 books
Peter Brookesmith, 6 books
Judith Herbst, 6 books