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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marv Wolfman, 6 books
Luke Cormican, 5 books
Sholly Fisch, 4 books
Scott Lobdell, 4 books
Geoff Johns, 3 books
Sean McKeever, 3 books
J. Torres, 3 books
J. Torres, 3 books
O'Brien, Scott (Director), 3 books
Jeff Lemire, 2 books
Peter Rida Michail, 2 books
J. E. Bright, 1 book
Ben Raab, 1 book
Various, 1 book
Brett Booth, 1 book
Mike Norton, 1 book
Jennifer Fox, 1 book
J. T. Krul, 1 book
Paul Morrissey, 1 book
Nick Spencer, 1 book
Lucy Rosen, 1 book
Johns Geoff, 1 book
Bryan Q. Miller, 1 book
Andrew Dalhouse, 1 book
Joe Bennett, 1 book


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