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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Geoff Thompson, 16 books
John Feinstein, 7 books
Doug Werner, 6 books
Ken Schultz, 4 books
Nick Fauchald, 4 books
Terry Muldoon, 4 books
Dick Moss, 4 books
Ned McIntosh, 4 books
Michael Sandler, 3 books
Theodore Roosevelt, 3 books
Steve Badillo, 3 books
Thompson, Geoff., 3 books
Edwin R. Sherman, 3 books
Mark Frost, 3 books
iMinds, 3 books
David Beckham, 2 books
Mike Vaccaro, 2 books
Joel McNamara, 2 books
Buster Olney, 2 books
Will Leitch, 2 books
Dayn Perry, 2 books
Roberts, Katherine, 2 books
Brian Gilbert, 2 books
Stan Utley, 2 books
Howard Bryant, 2 books