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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Germany, 30 books
Anthony Mancuso, 21 books
Indonesia., 13 books
Spain., 10 books
J. Dennis Hynes, 8 books
W. Dean Brown, 7 books
Michael Spadaccini, 6 books
Mark Warda, 5 books
Russia (Federation), 5 books
France, 5 books
Austria., 5 books
Germany (West), 4 books
Joseph W. Boucher, 4 books
Portugal., 4 books
Vietnam., 4 books
S. M. Aĭzin, 4 books
F. Hodge O'Neal, 3 books
Peter Ulmer, 3 books
Felipe de Solà Cañizares, 3 books
David Impey, 3 books
Roberto Salgado Valdez, 3 books
Susan Kalinka, 3 books
Larry E. Ribstein, 3 books
Williams, Phil, 3 books
Louis A. Mezzullo, 3 books


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