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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre Ruelle, 2 books
M. Piraux, 2 books
Guy Ansion, 2 books
Philippe Raxhon, 2 books
Robert Fourneau, 2 books
Malou Haine, 2 books
Georges Schmits, 2 books
Luc Courtois, 2 books
Jules Herbillon, 1 book
Achille Bechet, 1 book
Marcel Watelet, 1 book
Marie-Françoise Gihousse, 1 book
Phil Lee, 1 book
Robert Moreau, 1 book
Claude Desama, 1 book
Edward Jeanfils, 1 book
Danilo Klaric, 1 book
Pierre Baudson, 1 book
C. Maroy, 1 book
Anne Martynow, 1 book
Leclercq, Jacques, 1 book
Albert Lovegnée, 1 book
René Meurant, 1 book
François Mairesse, 1 book
Jean-Luc Deru, 1 book


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