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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Trevor Allen Bevis, 6 books
Kelly, Jim, 3 books
T. R. Wilson, 3 books
Francis Pryor, 3 books
Edward Storey, 2 books
Bloom, Alan., 2 books
A. K. Astbury, 2 books
Arthur R. Randell, 2 books
Samuel Henry Miller, 2 books
Hall, David, 2 books
Christopher Marlowe, 2 books
R. J. Silvester, 2 books
Constance Heaven, 2 books
Pam Bowers, 1 book
M. W. Barley, 1 book
William Richards, 1 book
Laurence J. Brown, 1 book
Godwin, Harry Sir, 1 book
James Wentworth Day, 1 book
Rodney Tibbs, 1 book
Moore, Jonas Sir, 1 book
Elijah Wells, 1 book
Norman T. Wills, 1 book
Peter Eden, 1 book
Anthony Parker, 1 book


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