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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Wegman, 7 books
Kim Levin, 5 books
Jean-Claude Suares, 3 books
Elliott Erwitt, 3 books
Amanda Jones, 2 books
Rachael Hale, 2 books
Jeff Selis, 2 books
Beverly West, 2 books
Denver Bryan, 2 books
Sharon Beals, 2 books
Jim Dratfield, 2 books
Judith Watt, 2 books
Ed Camelli, 2 books
Joel Zadak, 2 books
Valerie Shaff, 2 books
Debra Marlin, 2 books
Jean-Claude Suarès, 2 books
Seth Casteel, 2 books
Peter Dyer, 2 books
Joseph Duemer, 1 book
Hiroyuki Ueki, 1 book
Libby Hall, 1 book
Sharon Montrose, 1 book
John Drysdale, 1 book
Peggy Schaefer, 1 book


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