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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edmund Husserl, 6 books
Amedeo Giorgi, 3 books
Strauss, Michael, 3 books
Joseph Lyons, 2 books
Medard Boss, 2 books
Ludwig Binswanger, 2 books
Raymond J. McCall, 2 books
Erwin W. Straus, 2 books
P. Demoulin, 2 books
N. A. Nosov, 2 books
Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 2 books
George Graham, 2 books
Rocco J. Gennaro, 2 books
Georges Thinès, 2 books
Alexander Pfänder, 2 books
Edith Stein, 2 books
Clark E. Moustakas, 2 books
Patrice Maniglier, 2 books
G. Lynn Stephens, 2 books
Max Herzog, 2 books
Caroline Gros, 2 books
Aron Gurwitsch, 2 books
Matthias Bechem, 1 book
Sami Ali, 1 book
Torsten Ingemann Nielsen, 1 book


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