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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steve Smallman, 10 books
Rob Scotton, 3 books
Eric James, 3 books
Marie-Andrée Mativat, 2 books
Clement Clarke Moore, 2 books
Lauren Micchelli, 1 book
Steven Vaitonis, 1 book
Jesse Clay, 1 book
Anthea Slade, 1 book
Ryan Nusbickel, 1 book
Stan Klassen, 1 book
Ellen Exacto, 1 book
E. Boyd Smith, 1 book
Felix Timmermans, 1 book
Jenny Miglis, 1 book
Claire Freedman, 1 book
Giovanni Caviezel, 1 book
Holly Kowitt, 1 book
David Stoner, 1 book
Thomas Nast, 1 book
Elise Primavera, 1 book
Siobhan Dodds, 1 book
Melanie Walsh, 1 book
Norton, Charles B., 1 book
Dieter Winkler, 1 book