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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joel Miller, 3 books
Towle Mfg. Company., 3 books
Revere, Paul, 3 books
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 3 books
Allan Forbes, 2 books
Louis Wolfe, 2 books
Joyce Milton, 2 books
Jean Fritz, 2 books
Arthur Howard Nichols, 2 books
Howard W. Spurr, 2 books
Esther Forbes, 2 books
Roberta Edwards, 2 books
Maria Nelson, 2 books
Dan Zadra, 1 book
Lee, Martin., 1 book
Golden, Nancy., 1 book
Jane Sutcliffe, 1 book
Gary Jeffrey, 1 book
Ryan P. Randolph, 1 book
Xavier Niz, 1 book
Jim Whiting, 1 book
Heather Lehr Wagner, 1 book
Carin T. Ford, 1 book
Sarah Tieck, 1 book
Rick Burke, 1 book


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