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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Holger Begtrup, 3 books
William Michelsen, 2 books
Soeren Holm, 2 books
Georg Christensen, 1 book
Hellmut Toftdahl, 1 book
Povl Eller, 1 book
Frederik Nielsen, 1 book
Knud Berlin, 1 book
Jens Kvist, 1 book
Ingeborg Simesen, 1 book
Johan Johansen, 1 book
Henning Hoeirup, 1 book
J. P. Bang, 1 book
Thyra Jensen, 1 book
Anders Noergaard, 1 book
D. Henrik Scharling, 1 book
Kr Taarup, 1 book
J.P Bang, 1 book
Erik Moeller, 1 book
Frederik Rönning, 1 book
Uffe Hansen, 1 book
Erik Heinemeier, 1 book


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