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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gerold Frank, 3 books
Stephen King, 3 books
John Fricke, 3 books
Michelle Russell, 2 books
Al DiOrio, 2 books
Geoff Ryman, 2 books
Lorna Luft, 2 books
Emily R. Coleman, 1 book
Csengery, Judit., 1 book
Clarke, Gerald, 1 book
Watson, Thomas, 1 book
Serge Glickmann, 1 book
John Meyer, 1 book
Peter Quilter, 1 book
Anne Edwards, 1 book
James Juneau, 1 book
David Dahl, 1 book
Lorna Smith, 1 book
Mickey Deans, 1 book
Nicole Cooley, 1 book
Kathryn Heisenfelt, 1 book
Stuart M. Kaminsky, 1 book
Christopher Finch, 1 book
Dyer, Richard., 1 book
Paul Donnelley, 1 book


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