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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hongyi da shi, 6 books
Xing Chen, 4 books
Hongyidashi, 2 books
Xing Chen, 2 books
Qiming Qin, 2 books
Jin, Mei, 1 book
Bi, Zhen, 1 book
Chen, Huijian., 1 book
Lin, Qingxuan., 1 book
Guo li li shi bo wu guan (China), 1 book
Yingtai Dou, 1 book
Shihua Wang, 1 book
Wenhui Ke, 1 book
Yan Sun, 1 book
Chi Su, 1 book
Ailong Fang, 1 book
Tao Tian, 1 book
Ji nian Hongyidashi dan chen yi bai er shi zhou nian guo ji xue shu yan tao hui (2000), 1 book
Honghui Pan, 1 book
Chi Su, 1 book
Shaobo Yang, 1 book
Jingye Chen, 1 book
Xulun Sun, 1 book
Lin Yang, 1 book
Yi Hong, 1 book


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