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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Meissner, W. W., 3 books
P. Berner, 3 books
Emil Kraepelin, 3 books
Martin Kantor, 3 books
James Patterson, 3 books
Daniel Paul Schreber, 2 books
Sigmund Freud, 2 books
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, 2 books
Kretschmer, Ernst, 2 books
Yehuda Fried, 2 books
Brandilyn Collins, 2 books
Daniel Freeman, 2 books
David W. Swanson, 2 books
Philippa A. Garety, 2 books
Stephen King, 2 books
Jelliffe, Smith Ely, 2 books
Knight, Peter, 2 books
David Shapiro, 2 books
Jacques Lacan, 2 books
Paul Tremblay, 2 books
Peter Straub, 2 books
Farrell, John, 2 books
Michael Crichton, 2 books
Antonio Preti, 2 books
Ronald K. Siegel, 2 books


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