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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kathryn Lasky, 23 books
Arnold Lobel, 10 books
Jane Yolen, 6 books
Helen Cresswell, 6 books
Emma Quay, 6 books
Andy Runton, 5 books
Kraus, Robert, 5 books
John Sparks, 5 books
Eve Bunting, 4 books
Connie M. Toops, 4 books
John Rignall, 4 books
John A. Burton, 4 books
Larry Shles, 4 books
Karl E. Karalus, 3 books
Berniece Freschet, 3 books
Constance Boyle, 3 books
Mary Buff, 3 books
Philip John Kennedy Burton, 3 books
Jean Craighead George, 3 books
Coleman, Michael, 3 books
Mick Manning, 3 books
Jane Belk Moncure, 3 books
Herbert S. Zim, 3 books
Timothy L. Biel, 3 books
Tony Soper, 3 books


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