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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kay Showker, 18 books
Fran Wenograd Golden, 15 books
Steven B. Stern, 12 books
Heidi Sarna, 12 books
Bob Sehlinger, 8 books
Matt Hannafin, 7 books
Dave Marx, 6 books
Fodor's, 5 books
Jennifer Marx, 5 books
Rick Steves, 3 books
Jerry Brown, 3 books
Linda Coffman, 3 books
Corey Sandler, 3 books
Michael Murphy, 2 books
Lonely Planet, 2 books
Laura Murphy, 2 books
Stern Steven B., 2 books
Theodore W. Scull, 2 books
Steven B. Stern, 2 books
Rick Steves, 2 books
Birnbaum Travel Guides Staff, 2 books
Theodore W. Scull, 1 book
Showker, 1 book
Chris Santella, 1 book
Darwin Porter, 1 book


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