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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Annie Kubler, 4 books
Peter Cope, 2 books
Dawn Cope, 2 books
Marshak, S., 2 books
Richard Scarry, 2 books
John Archambault, 2 books
Alan Rogers, 2 books
Taylor, Jane, 1 book
Sarah Catherine Martin, 1 book
Barbara Milo Ohrbach, 1 book
Hawkins, Colin., 1 book
King, Dave., 1 book
Jane Cabrera, 1 book
Allan Ahlberg, 1 book
Lucy Rollin, 1 book
Rogers, Alan, 1 book
Gloria T. Delamar, 1 book
Tony Mitton, 1 book
Mary W. Tileston, 1 book
Eleanor Farjeon, 1 book
Roma Bishop, 1 book
Rodney McRae, 1 book
Lovechild Mrs., 1 book
Michael Foreman, 1 book
Britten, Benjamin, 1 book


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