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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carolyn Keene, 256 books
Stefan Petrucha, 11 books
Megan McDonald, 3 books
Sho Murase, 3 books
Melanie Rehak, 2 books
Sarah Kinney, 2 books
David Farah, 2 books
Macky Pamintuan, 2 books
Megan McDonald, 2 books
Carol Billman, 1 book
Amy Helmes, 1 book
Ilana Nash, 1 book
Brenda Lange, 1 book
Franklin W. Dixon, 1 book
Sherrie A. Inness, 1 book
Carole Kismaric, 1 book
Michael G. Cornelius, 1 book
Irene Kilpatrick, 1 book
Fern Alexander, 1 book
Kekla Magoon, 1 book
Tormod Haugen, 1 book
Chelsea Cain, 1 book
Gerry Conway, 1 book
Karen Plunkett-Powell, 1 book
Daniella Burr, 1 book


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