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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adam Blade, 7 books
Rick Riordan, 6 books
Kes Gray, 5 books
Joann Sfar, 4 books
Lisi Harrison, 3 books
Elisabetta Dami, 3 books
Cari Meister, 3 books
Tommy Donbavand, 3 books
McKee, David., 3 books
R. L. Stine, 3 books
Sean Taylor, 2 books
Adam Rex, 2 books
Anthony Horowitz, 2 books
Mario Ramos, 2 books
Maurice Sendak, 2 books
Jonathan Farr, 2 books
Gitty Daneshvari, 2 books
Roberto Pavanello, 2 books
Luca Blengino, 2 books
Jaume Copons, 2 books
Kirén Miret, 1 book
Armando Vega-Gil Rueda, 1 book
Julien Béziat, 1 book
Joanne Wylie, 1 book
Geertje Gort, 1 book


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