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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
veda boyalla, 75 books
Lucy Cousins, 41 books
Thea Stilton, 21 books
Eleanor May, 16 books
Wong Herbert Yee, 14 books
Dav Pilkey, 12 books
Kevin Henkes, 12 books
Bethany Roberts, 12 books
Deborah Melmon, 12 books
Laura Numeroff, 10 books
Ellen Stoll Walsh, 8 books
Beverly Cleary, 6 books
Avi, 6 books
Brian Jacques, 6 books
Leo Lionni, 6 books
Eve Titus, 6 books
William Steig, 5 books
Gyles Brandreth, 5 books
Nancy Carlson, 4 books
Daniel Kirk, 4 books
Steven Kroll, 4 books
Julia Donaldson, 4 books
Doug Cushman, 4 books
Yvan Pommaux, 4 books
Stephen Rabley, 4 books


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