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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yaʼir Ḳoṭler, 5 books
Yitzhak Ben Aharon, 2 books
Meir Yaari, 2 books
Alan Arian, 2 books
D. Yahav, 2 books
Barry Chamish, 2 books
Najm Wālī, 2 books
Michael Keren, 2 books
Abraham Diskin, 2 books
Arye Naor, 1 book
Leon Shaskolsky Sheleff, 1 book
Samuel Sager, 1 book
Haim Gvati, 1 book
Moshe Kol, 1 book
Mosheh Lifshits, 1 book
Asher Maniv, 1 book
S. Zalman Abramov, 1 book
Ya'akov Goren, 1 book
Eyal Kafkafi, 1 book
Yona Cohen, 1 book
Ephraim Tabory, 1 book
Ben-Zion Michaeli, 1 book
Ran Edelist, 1 book
Giyora Pilʼi, 1 book
Avraham Wolfensohn, 1 book


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