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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mike Shema, 3 books
Ido Dubrawsky, 3 books
Chris Davis, 3 books
Tim Speed, 2 books
Gary McGraw, 2 books
John R. Vacca, 2 books
John Vacca, 2 books
Juanita Ellis, 2 books
Greg Hoglund, 2 books
Mary Ann Bell, 2 books
James L. Van Roekel, 2 books
Bobby Ezell, 2 books
Jazib Frahim, 2 books
Aaron Philipp, 2 books
David Cowen, 2 books
Jacob Carlson, 2 books
Tom Parker, 1 book
I. Chaudhry, 1 book
Jeffrey Bloom, 1 book
Matt Curtin, 1 book
Brian Carrier, 1 book
Joel Scambray, 1 book
John Viega, 1 book
Cyrus Peikari, 1 book
Keith J. Jones, 1 book


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