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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary White Rowlandson, 16 books
Samuel G. Drake, 14 books
Tanner, John, 14 books
John Rodgers Jewitt, 11 books
Frost, John, 11 books
Priest, Josiah, 11 books
John Williams, 11 books
Peter Williamson, 9 books
James E. Seaver, 9 books
Cassie Edwards, 8 books
Dickinson, Jonathan, 7 books
Benjamin Church, 7 books
James Smith, 7 books
A. Guinnard, 6 books
Robert Eastburn, 6 books
Oliver M. Spencer, 6 books
Jogues, Isaac Saint, 5 books
John Gyles, 5 books
Pierre Millet, 5 books
Jackson Johonnet, 5 books
Dodge, John, 5 books
Cotton Mather, 5 books
Charles Dennis Rusoe D'Eres, 5 books
John Dunn Hunter, 5 books
John R. Jewitt, 5 books


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