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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Keith Yamashita, 3 books
Kathryn Sue Young, 3 books
Eli Mina, 3 books
Christina Baldwin, 3 books
Guillermo Owen, 3 books
Sam Kaner, 3 books
J. Stewart Black, 3 books
Gerald M. Phillips, 3 books
Geoffrey P. E. Clarkson, 2 books
James H. Davis, 2 books
Ryan, James, 2 books
Julia T. Wood, 2 books
John E. Tropman, 2 books
Jon Elster, 2 books
Len Fisher, 2 books
Douglas J. Pedersen, 2 books
Sandra Spataro, 2 books
Donald George Marquis, 2 books
Orlando Fals-Borda, 2 books
Alan S. Blinder, 2 books
Hermann Brandstätter, 2 books
Larry Lee Barker, 2 books
Lawrence Susskind, 2 books
Sandy Pokras, 2 books
Greg Druian, 2 books


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