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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold A. Hovey, 12 books
Kendra A. Hovey, 8 books
Thomas R. Dye, 4 books
L. Tucker Gibson, 4 books
Clay Robison, 4 books
Kendra Hovey, 4 books
Laurence J. Defranco, 4 books
Dennis R. Judd, 4 books
Todd Swanstrom, 3 books
William, III Lilley, 3 books
Harold Hovey, 3 books
Gary M. Halter, 3 books
Robin Hambleton, 3 books
Brian P. Janiskee, 2 books
Robert T. Nakamura, 2 books
David Judge, 2 books
Virginia H. Gray, 2 books
Ted Bradshaw, 2 books
Malcolm E. Jewell, 2 books
Daniel J. Elazar, 2 books
Jeffrey Henig, 2 books
Mark Schneider, 2 books
Paul Teske, 2 books
Melissa Marschall, 2 books
Carol Pierannunzi, 2 books


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