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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Augustus H. Gill, 7 books
Michael Faraday, 5 books
Tiberius Cavallo, 3 books
Gordon Nonhebel, 3 books
M. van Marum, 3 books
John Rundgren, 3 books
Edwards, Junius David, 3 books
G. A. Burrell, 3 books
Clemens Alexander Winkler, 3 books
Albert Einstein, 3 books
Thomas Beddoes, 3 books
R. Bunsen, 3 books
James W. Peeler, 3 books
Dennis Walter Hill, 3 books
Filomena Pinto, 3 books
N. S. Bakhvalov, 2 books
Alessandro Volta, 2 books
Lewis, Bernard, 2 books
Wilhelm Jost, 2 books
Max Planck, 2 books
S. J. Gregg, 2 books
Berecz, Endre., 2 books
Loeb, Leonard B., 2 books
Harold Cecil Greenwood, 2 books
A. K. Kikoin, 2 books


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