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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Stokes, 4 books
Erik Dahl, 3 books
James Wyatt, 3 books
Timothy Ferguson, 3 books
Ross Watson, 2 books
Andy Collins, 2 books
Monte Cook, 2 books
Rich Redman, 2 books
Steve Jackson, 2 books
David Noonan, 2 books
Larry Elmore, 2 books
Eric L. Boyd, 2 books
Bruce Cordell, 2 books
Jesse Decker, 2 books
Ian Sturrock, 2 books
Shannon Kalvar, 2 books
Matt Ryan, 2 books
Alejandro Melchor, 2 books
Sandy Petersen, 1 book
Brom, 1 book
Baker, Richard, 1 book
Jeff Crook, 1 book
Brian R. James, 1 book
David Chart, 1 book
Various, 1 book


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