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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clarissa Wild, 24 books
Rosemary Rogers, 17 books
Shantel Tessier, 15 books
Kady Ash, 7 books
Harley Laroux, 6 books
Penelope Douglas, 5 books
H. D. Carlton, 4 books
Leigh Rivers, 4 books
Robin Schone, 4 books
Sylvain Reynard, 4 books
Kerrigan Byrne, 4 books
S.T. Abby, 3 books
Mika D. Mon, 3 books
RuNyx, 3 books
Bonnie Vanak, 3 books
Kresley Cole, 3 books
Marilyn Harris, 3 books
Mara Laue, 3 books
Ana Huang, 3 books
Patricia Gaffney, 2 books
Rachel Cosgrove Payes, 2 books
Tiffany Clare, 2 books
Laura Thalassa, 2 books
Aleatha Romig, 2 books
Rina Kent, 2 books